Clod-crusher TPE was designed initially, for pharmaceutical applications. Its design makes that it is an apparatus which answers the criteria FDA and GMP. Its performances has to make it evolve for all other applications 

  • Its simple design allows easy disassemblings of all the parts for the maintenance actions. - The equipment of work is easily accessible without tools. Cleaning s' in finds facilitated. Moreover, this apparatus being very general-purpose, it can meet various needs as regards émottage. Various equipment exists such as knife rotor, with or without against knives, rotor with whorls, rotor with fingers,…
  • The materials used, the internal completions are according to the applications and are very varied. For pharmacy, more the current is out of matter 316L and completion RA 0,2 for all the parts in contact with the product. For the corrosive or abrasive substances, other more adapted materials could be used, therefore it is quite important to define the characteristics of the product to be treated at the time of the definition of the apparatus and its equipment. Operation is simple, the product is fed by the top and is delivered by the lower part. On this apparatus, the best output is obtained when the crusher is in load. According to the equipment, the product is worked by crushing, shearing or with the combination of the two actions. The parameters of adjustment, according to granulometry to be obtained and by integrating the characteristics of the product into the food, will be the choice of the internal equipment (rotor, grid…) in combination with the speed.


Rotor TPE100
Rotor+ screen TPE100
TPE100 pharma