Founded in 1998 and located in the Loire Atlantique, Ancenis, in a powerful industrial site and growth, its access is easy either by highway or by the TGV West Paris-Nantes line.

The company Technopoudre is in service of industries, laboratories and companies with applications for the treatment of the solids.

The different techniques developed by our company allow to resolve all reductions or particule size cuts issues.

Technopoudre has developed commercial and technical policies to adapt needs of customers.

The solutions we can offer :


  • Solutions against explosion

  • Installations with low temperature or controlled temperature

  • Neutral gas installations

  • Customized installations to be standardized

The successful design office, revitalized by a competent team gives Technopoudre a policy of constant innovation to develop new equipment answering to latest needs for reduction and selection particules size of powder in dry phase.


Our research and development service of testing station is constantly changing, equipped by the last new devices from Technopoudre range. If necessary, we can achieve made to measure services.


Technopoudre has workshops to ensure the assembly of devices as well as stock of spare parts for first emergency for each type of standard machine of its production.


June, 2009 : Complete grinding installation made of stainless steel – Capacity till 2t/h


January, 2010 : To grab - Grinder TPB600 As new - See second hand machines


June, 2010 : The company Technopoudre began a partnership with Molaris company and becomes exclusive agent for France -See category Products and download






Equipments and services for powder treatment.

Grinders, rotary valve, lump breaker, dynamic selector, made to measure service, study design…








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