The rotary valves developed by our company are fast dismantled without tools and specially conceived to comply the requirements of such industries as pharmacy and cosmetics.


The rotary valves are of straightforward design which simplifies both cleaning and maintenance thus reducing the standstill time of the machine.


Depending on their different dimensions they can manage troughputs from a few kilograms per hour up to several tons per hour.


Several finishes are available. For pharmaceutical applications both materials and appearance respect FDA and GMP requirements. Thanks to easy access of internal equipment the TECHNOPOUDRE rotary valves type TPO ensure complete cleaning of all parts which are in contact with the product.



The quickly dismantled rotary valves type TPOS are available in different configuration :

- Blade rotor or rotor valve

- Stripped shaft or reduction gear

- Stainless steel construction 304L or stainless steel 316L

- Polished finishing 220 (satin) or 400 (brilliant)…

For most applications the flask opposite the reduction gear is fitted with a permanently greased ball bearing. But for use without an overhead product load above (under a screw, under a cyclone, under an air-filter …) we can use a rotary valve type TPOS, with an overhanging blade rotor. The rotary valve can be fitted with a translucent flask so see the transfer of the product inside the machine is visible.

The seal at the level of the passage of the shaft for each flask, bearing bracket or reduction gear bracket, is made by air or nitrogen injection under low pressure and low throughput , forcing the product towards the inside of the machine. A groove behind the seal system evacuates the product in case of lack of pressure.