TECHNOPOUDRE study and provide complete installation" turn-key " with or without integration of its apparatuses. We can deal with as a supplier:

  • studies process, safety
  • supply of equipements, frames, electric batch
  • assembly and wiring
  • startup
  • follow-up of maintenance
  • modifications to increase the performances.
  • analyzes of safety (safety machine, directing ATEX)
  • financial estimattion on project
  • tests in our station



TECHNOPOUDRE studies the possibility of reconditioning various apparatuses for the treatment of the powders.

Apparatuses reconditioned and revised with guarantee can be proposed. Refer to the right heading and contact the company.

TECHNOPOUDRE has an important stock of spare parts for possible maintenance or breakdown service. The follow-up of the customers and the materials installed remains a main aim.